Unlimited bonuses on bitcoin casinos

Hello, how’s everyone doing.

Today, I’d like to address one critical flaw that surprisingly many casino operators, especially the small ones, have chosen to ignore… Which has left us with free money! Basically, that’s the gist of it anyway.. Read on to learn more…


How traditional casino bonuses work

100First, it’s important to differentiate between legit helpful casino bonuses, and crap that only makes your luck worse, but only seems “helpful”. The difference? Hidden in the TOS, of course!

You see, bonuses often come with wagering requirements. And by often, I mean always. And if you’re not totally new to online gambling, you already know this.

(As a sidenote, there are many sites out there that list sites with the best bonuses such as zaponline.net)

Either way, these bonuses will only be granted to keep you playing, or to reward you for loyalty, or to introduce you to the casino. They are not just randomly handed out to everyone, and if they are, that might be a flag! And you can’t simply create another new account to get that sweet 200% first deposit bonus… unless you have several identities. Because you can only cash out to one bank account, and you only have 1 ID, if you’re not a criminal of the severe variety. So even if you could get a first deposit bonus twice, you’d never be able to cash out any winnings, you’d be caught out every time for creating duplicate accounts, even if you were smart enough to change your IP and any other electronical footprint.

However, at bitcoin casinos…


Unlimited bitcoin casino bonuses

Bitcoin gambling places only have 1 tool to tell who you are ; your ip. That is, if they are anonymous, like most of them are. You already know where this is going. And I bet that if you’re smart enough to use bitcoin, changing you IP address would not be a huge problem. Once you do this, you can then obviously keep creating new accounts, claim the deposit bonus, rinse and repeat, at least until they catch on. Which may take a while.

Note: This writing is only for educational purposes, I don’t suggest anyone to take it seriously or actually try it. Cuz the mafia gon get ya. The bitcoin casino mafia that is. And yes, that’s a real thing.

Can casinos be trusted?

bitcoin-283587_640Surely your mom must have warned you not to hand out all your money to strangers. Personally, my mom even warned me about Nigerian internet princes who wish to send me money.

The point we’re trying to make here that it is completely reasonable to be skeptical about depositing your hard earned money to online gambling sites, slot machines or casinos.

But fear not! Most online casinos are truly legit businesses that operate under licences and have to comply by regulations. Usually, when a site looks legit, it is, simply because it actually costs hundereds of thousands just to hire a programmer to design your custom casino site and another ten thousand at the very least to get your license. Then, if you found the site through ads, it costs too, so it simply isn’t a good business model to create fraudulent casinos anymore, even if somebody wanted to do that.

Furthermore, it is advised you stick to reputable online casinos that have been around for years. One other sign to spot a legit casino is to visit casino comparison sites and read all the unbiased reviews. Trust us, an illegimate casino won’t get very many good reviews as gamblers are very vocal about being cheated and will not give up as easily as an average old lady.

Also, if a casino or gambling site online is translated to many languages, it also conveys trust and reputation. And while it isn’t always smart to just trust your own eyes, this coupled with all the other factors, ie. casino getting good reviews, having a legit registered license and having been in business for several years almost certainly means that you’re dealing with a legit casino or gambling site. So there’s no need to worry.

There’s also a new study that online gambling is getting more popular in countries in Northern and Middle Europe. This study also suggests that online gambling sites can be trusted just as much as you trust the traditional lottery. There’s no guarantee you’ll win, but you won’t get cheated.

And in the near future, we’ll tell you more about bitcoin casinos, the new fad in online gambling. Stay tuned, as they say…